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Why Work at COLFIRE?

ENDLESS Possibilities...

When you Choose a Career with COLFIRE


Set your sights on a career where the boundaries for achievement are limited only by your desire to succeed. Seize the opportunities available to you with COLFIRE by demonstrating performance above and beyond expectations and by willingly seeking skills and knowledge through the challenge of continuous learning.

COLFIRE will provide you with job-specific knowledge and skill development. We are dedicated to helping you develop the additional skills, knowledge and behavioral attributes necessary to meet the changing demands of our companies and industry.

Contact COLFIRE and give us an opportunity to help you reach your full potential. We will get you started…the rest is up to you.

Development & Diversity

COLFIRE is committed to fair and equitable employment practices. We strive to provide a work environment where dignity and mutual respect enable employees to contribute to their fullest potential.

We depend on our people to continuously adapt to the demands of business practices undergoing remarkable change, and an industry rapidly expanding its reach into the financial services marketplace.

Leadership in advanced electronic data interface technology and new product development, along with uncompromising service, has kept us at the forefront of the insurance market.


We have a philosophy of matching the right person to the right job, so you can be confident that your contribution to our success will be suitably rewarded. Our merit system will ensure that you earn a salary consistent with your level of skills, knowledge and accomplishment.
You become eligible to earn a bonus through our employee incentive plan structured to align individual and team performance with the company's overall business goals.

Employee Benefits

We provide a comprehensive, competitive flexible benefit plan for life and health that are right for you and your family.
Our defined contribution pension plan is designed to encourage active participation in planning and saving for your future financial security.

Performance Development

COLFIRE provides a proactive, long-term approach to training and development. These programs meet both business and employee needs by providing opportunities to develop fundamental core and technical competencies.

"We believe in recruiting, training and rewarding dedicated 
people who believe in their ability to achieve."



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