How to become a Salesman with COLFIRE?

Salesman Criteria

  • Minimum of 5 CXC/GCE O’ level subjects
  • Must possess excellent communication skills
  • Must be able to acquire a Police Certificate of Good Character
  • Certificate in Sales/Marketing will be an asset
  • Computer Literacy will be an asset
  • Experience in sales will be an asset
  • Knowledge of insurance will be an asset
  • Must own a reliable working vehicle

CBTT Process

  1. Applicants can collect a package containing the following: Two (2) First Schedule Form 3 [Application for Registration as a salesman] Personal Questionnaire and Declaration form COLFIRE Sales Representative Resume form Checklist/Guidelines for completion of forms Schedule of dates for training, classes and orientation
  2. Documents to accompany application: Police Certificate of Good Character Copy of Drivers Permit or National ID Card Passport Size Photograph Copy of State Licensing Exam Results Central Bank receipt ($100.00)

Upon receipt all documents will be reviewed and the prospective salesperson will be interviewed. If the applicant is successful, payment of $100.00 can be made at Central Bank and submitted to accompany the application.

Expectations of salesmen

  • Must attend COLFIRE training sessions
  • Must meet production quotas set out for them
  • Must keep track of the renewal dates of prospective clients
  • Must service clients efficiently



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